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Qingling Motors Signed A Contract At The First China International Import Expo

This newspaper (Reporter Zhou Shuangshuang) November 5-10, 2018, the first China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. At the expo, Qingling Motors Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with the Isuzu Auto Co., Ltd. from Japan for the purchase of spare parts for auto parts of 300 million yuan.

Qingling Group is a group of 18 enterprises consisting of Qingling Automobile Co., Ltd. and 17 subsidiaries and branches. As of the end of 2017, the Group's total assets are 14.3 billion yuan and its net assets are 10.9 billion yuan. At present, it mainly produces Isuzu light, medium and heavy-duty full range of commercial vehicles with international advanced technology and quality, and five series of diesel engines and one series of gasoline engines with power ranging from 100 horsepower to 520 horsepower. In recent years, Qingling has jointly developed and jointly launched the GIGA giant coffee heavy commercial vehicle and the 4JZ new generation national six engine and other global products.

At present, Qingling has built a complete manufacturing chain from blank manufacturing, parts and assembly manufacturing to vehicle assembly. It has the manufacturing capabilities of casting, forging, cast aluminum base blanks and six key assemblies of engine, gearbox, cab, front/rear axle and frame. 6 kinds of important mold development, body and chassis development, engine partial development, material development, process tooling development, and testing of complete vehicles, engines, key assemblies and parts for thin plates, medium plates, casting, forging, cast aluminum and plastics. Detection and physical and chemical detection capabilities.

In the face of the increasingly fierce competition in the commercial vehicle market and the rapid changes in the industry, Qingling has launched and promoted 10 reform and innovation projects in an orderly manner to enhance the viability, market competitiveness and development of enterprises. Technological innovation and mechanism reform, promote development through reform and innovation, not only achieve stable and profitable production and operation, but also take a solid step in the medium-term reform, innovation and development, and promote the quality transformation, efficiency change and power transformation of enterprise development.

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