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Safe, Green And Efficient Hongyan LNG Tractor Truck

Satisfying the needs of users is the driving force and persistence of SAIC Hongyan. Based on rich experience in research and development of natural gas heavy trucks, SAIC Hongyan has launched the latest upgraded Hongyan Genlyon LNG natural gas heavy truck with European technology.


Hongyan Genlyon LNG tractor adopts IVECO cooling technology. Under the same heat dissipation area and windward area, the cooling effect is about 25% higher than other domestic products, which can extend the service life of the vehicle. The integrated liquid level display meter displays the bottles digitally. The remaining liquid level of the liquid level, the pointer shows the total amount of the vehicle, so that the trucker friend can accurately and accurately understand the real-time data and adjust it in time; adopt the CAN-BUS system to prevent fatigue and speeding, and can automatically detect and remotely diagnose, etc., to ensure the truck friend Driving and life safety; using SAIC's 12-liter 350-390 horsepower LNG engine, the technology is mature and reliable, and the power is stronger.20181015093440658

Safe and reliable. The main body of the cab is made of high-strength steel plate. The whole body is stamped, welded with high precision, and has strong impact resistance. In addition, the overall rear shifting technology of the cab can make the whole front of the cab collide 500mm back, maximizing the protection of drivers and passengers. Safety; storage tank daily evaporation rate ≤ 0.2%, 7-14 days basically does not evaporate; even if fire or external impact collision deformation for 2 hours without leakage, safe and reliable; at the same time equipped with sound and light leakage alarm device, trailer auxiliary brake valve, etc. Safety features to further enhance safety.20181015093523408

Economical and efficient. The engine covers 350-390 horsepower. The chassis meets various transportation requirements. The whole vehicle is designed to meet the requirements of hanging transportation. It can be used for hanging transportation. The safe and economic speed is about 80km/h, which is in line with the user's common speed. The gas consumption of 35 kilometers is 4% lower than other domestic products; the cost is 35% lower than that of diesel. Adopting the third generation control system of natural gas, the life standard of engine B10 reaches 1 million kilometers. The matched 995L large single gas cylinder can drive 1000 kilometers continuously. The vehicle accessories have strong versatility and low maintenance cost. More than 1000 vehicles nationwide. At the service site, nearly 5,000 service technicians provide thoughtful services to customers, so that the trucker friends can have no worries.

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