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August 2018, Saic Hongyan Dump Truck Domestic Market Maintaining Growth

Since the beginning of this year, the engineering dump truck market has been rising all the way, and the total sales volume in the first half of the year has doubled. Under such a good market, the SAIC Hongyan dump truck, which is known as the "king of engineering" in the market, is a good news. According to the latest data, from January to August this year, SAIC Hongyan accumulated sales of 37,017 dump trucks, an increase of 109.7% year-on-year. The monthly sales and cumulative sales volume have consistently ranked first in the industry. The doubling of the dump truck has also become a major force driving SAIC Hongyan in the market downturn and still maintaining its growth momentum.


In fact, with the continuous expansion of infrastructure investment in the past two years, the pulling effect on China's dump truck market is very obvious. On the one hand, the construction of railways, highways, infrastructure construction and other projects have started, making the dump truck market extremely hot and even in short supply. On the other hand, with the increasingly strict national environmental protection policy, the national three models will be phased out in advance. It provides a wide market space for the upgrading of urban muck trucks. Moreover, with the steady development of the national “Belt and Road” construction, the infrastructure projects of various countries along the route have been vigorously launched, which also brings good opportunities for the export of China's engineering dump trucks...... A series of favorable factors have prompted China's dump truck market to rise linearly since last year. It has also made enterprises such as SAIC Hongyan, which have outstanding advantages in dump trucks, seize the opportunity to take advantage of the momentum and achieve good results in the sales champion for 8 consecutive months.


As China's first heavy-duty joint venture, SAIC Hongyan is also a Chinese old-fashioned heavy-duty truck company that started with military quality. The dump truck has always been its ace brand. With its deep heavy-duty truck manufacturing experience and the strict quality standards of Europe, it has been on the market. There is the title of "king of engineering".


In terms of core power, the Hongyan Dump Truck is equipped with two high-performance engines – the Cursor engine in Europe and the SAIC engine from European technology. It is matched with the mainstream gearbox and the Fiat technology red rock bridge to form a powerful power. Chain, strong carrying capacity, fast acceleration, good climbing performance, long-lasting power; in the structure of the whole vehicle, the frame structure with stronger tensile and torsional resistance can be used to deal with harsh and complicated working conditions more easily; Safety and comfort, four-point suspension cab, high-intensity lightweight frame, cab overall rear-shift technology and other configurations, also inherit the high safety and high comfort performance of SAIC Hongyan heavy truck.


With such excellent strength this year, starting from March and April after the Spring Festival, SAIC Hongyan dump trucks have received a large number of orders, not only in the traditional strong southwest and east China, in South China and Central South regions, SAIC Hongyan also seized many large orders of hundreds or even thousands of units, maintaining the excellent record of the dump truck segment sales champion.

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