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SAIC Hongyan Intelligent Environmental Protection Muck Truck Helps Shenzhen Blue Sky Action

On October 31, 2018, the launching ceremony of the official launching (starting) of the new type of dump truck in Shenzhen with the theme of “Helping Shenzhen Blue Sky” was held in the Shenzhen Bay site. SAIC Hongyan Genlyon intelligent environmental protection muck truck was unveiled in Shenzhen Bay. As the starting squad of the launching ceremony, the Hongyan engineering vehicle, which is known as the “king of engineering”, attracted the approval of many dump truck owners. The vice president of Shenzhen Municipal Standing Committee, Liu Qingsheng, led the urban waste of SAIC Hongyan Innovation Technology. The industry, the launch of the first launch to help "China Height" Shenzhen construction expressed high appreciation."


Shenzhen is the vanguard of reform and opening up. First, Shenzhen has taken the lead in development. The speed of Shenzhen is leading the world. In the truck industry, SAIC Hongyan is also impressive with “speed”.


For the dump truck enterprises, there is a general phenomenon of settlement and pressure, and the temporary capital turnover is under pressure. SAIC Hongyan uses its own resources to develop targeted muck trucks through the cooperation of financial companies Jiangsu Finance and Fuchang Leasing. Slow supply, loan dormancy period, supporting loans, low interest rate and low down payment, etc., further reduce the capital needs and use costs of transportation enterprises.


In terms of vehicle operating costs, SAIC Hongyan helps the dump truck companies to build their own warranty service stations or sign a package service agreement with local distributors, increase the spare parts reserve and service station construction, help train drivers, and help users reduce Vehicle use costs to ensure attendance.


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