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SAIC Hongyan Is Also A Champion Family

Recently, the new table tennis season, Guoping won all five championships in the Hungarian Open, the whole country is full of boiling, everyone dreams of becoming a champion SAIC Hongyan is no exception, after all, the champion has the supreme glory!


European Truck Championship


African Rally Championship

SAIC Hongyan is fortunate to have a champion family---the IVECO family. The brothers and sisters from the IVECO family won the championships in the Dakar Rally, the European Truck Contest and the African Rally! Speaking of this, SAIC Hongyan is proud of it. Let's take a look at it~


Hongyan Genlyon Champion Edition tractor

The pride of the champion family made SAIC Hongyan beautiful, so SAIC Hongyan decided to share with you another outstanding family---Hongyan Genlyon Champion Edition tractor!

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