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Saic Hongyan Open New 4S Store In Chongqing

It is common for passenger cars to set up 4S stores, but commercial vehicles like Hongyan heavy truck also carry out 4S model to sell trucks, which is definitely a great progress in the industry. Both the lofty hardware facilities and standardized software services have overturned people's existing impression of simple and extensive truck search.

On January 17, with the sound of gun salute, Saic Hongyan Chongqing Wangtong 4S store opened its door in Xiexin automobile park, which is located in the highway logistics base of banan district.The store is mainly responsible for the display, sales, vehicle management, finance and after-sales service of saic Hongyan series commercial vehicles. The completion and use of the store will bring better truck purchase and vehicle experience to the consumer group of commercial vehicles, and also set a benchmark for regulating the commercial vehicle market.


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