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SAIC Hongyan Opens An Overseas 4S Shop In Laos

On November 21st, relying on the “Belt and Road”, an overseas 4S shop of SAIC Hongyan held a grand opening ceremony in Vientiane, Laos. The general manager of SAIC Hongyan Lou Jianping and the chairman of SAIC Hongyan Laos 4S store Xu Heping The leaders of SAIC Hongyan Laos 4S shop Zhao Yinzhou, the Lao Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Lao Ministry of Public Works and Transportation attended the ceremony.u=3028165176,428167320&fm=173&app=49&f=JPEG

Lou Jian, general manager of SAIC Hongyan, said that SAIC Hongyan relied on the “One Belt, One Road” national strategy and actively responded to the call to go out and took a solid step. As a close neighbor of China, Laos is the focus of the “One Belt, One Road” strategic investment. SAIC Hongyan attaches great importance to SAIC Hongyan Laos 4S store and will fully assist its development in Laos. At the same time, Lou Jianping announced on the spot that the vehicle that was sold on the same day will be extended for six months free of charge during the original warranty period, and the actual action will be used to help the development of SAIC Hongyan Laos 4S store.


General Manager of Shanghai Automotive Hongyan Lou Jianping

Since 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed a major initiative to jointly build the “New Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”. The “Belt and Road” has become a regional cooperation platform for China to establish economic partnerships with countries along the route. It gave the great development opportunity for SAIC Hongyan to “integrate global resources and win in rapid iteration”, and gave SAIC Hongyan the opportunity to show China's power to the world.


“The opening of SAIC Hongyan Laos 4S store marks the slogan of SAIC Hongyan blowing into the ASEAN market!” Xu Heping was particularly excited at the opening ceremony. He said: "In recent years, China's heavy truck industry products have gradually entered the Laos market and fully participated in the infrastructure construction of Laos. Based on this, another overseas 4S shop of SAIC Hongyan was born in Laos. In the future we will Accelerate the construction of the CKD factory, so that Hongyan Motor can better serve the construction of Laos, help the Lao economy to take off, and better benefit the people of both countries."


Xu Heping, Chairman of SAIC Hongyan Laos 4S Store

According to Zhao Yinzhou, a shareholder of SAIC Hongyan Laos 4S store, Laos 4S shop has been put into construction since February 2018. In the future, it will provide high-quality products and services for the construction of the Trans-Asian Railway, Kunming Highway, Mekong Hydropower, etc., and will also be combined. Laos is located in the hinterland of ASEAN, radiating the geographical advantages of Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries. It actively responds to the overseas strategic deployment of SAIC Hongyan and develops the Lao automobile industry.


SAIC Hongyan Laos 4S shop shareholder Zhao Yinzhou

As the first heavy-duty joint venture in China, SAIC Hongyan has expanded its export trade to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and South America by synchronizing advanced manufacturing technologies in Europe. SAIC Hongyan heavy trucks are widely used in various fields such as transportation, infrastructure construction, environmental protection and municipal engineering, and contribute to the construction of the “One Belt, One Road” project. At the same time, the strength reflects the strong heritage of China's manufacturing and SAIC Hongyan. The determination to actively deploy overseas strategies.


SAIC Hongyan will always adhere to the user-oriented, use world-class leading technology to manufacture products that are more in line with regulations and markets, open up more space with world-class quality and global service, and actively help the country's “One Belt, One Road” construction smoothly!

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