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SAIC Hongyan's Customized Trucks Extension And Promotion Of The Brand

On November 16, 2018, SAIC Hongyan carried three custom-made truck, SF Custom Edition Red Rock Central Axle Freight Train, Hongyan Smart Slag truck and Hongyan City Sanitation truck at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The most eye-catching is The SF custom version of the Jieshi C500, the center-mounted shaft hanging design, customized according to the actual needs of SF Express. It is understood that the customized product is based on SAIC Hongyan's careful analysis of SF's distribution center network, lines, etc., tailored to the details of the horsepower section, gearbox, etc., which is in line with SF's pursuit of efficient enterprise characteristics.


About product customization. At that time, the high-speed rail station where the blue general office was located was located in Chengdu. In the past few days, the blue chief has been visiting Chengdu New Hope Group, a company led by modern agriculture and food industry. Now it involves the transportation of agricultural products and milk that need to be refrigerated and frozen. . Therefore, the new Hope Group car customization and SF Express Express are two different industries. SAIC Hongyan should give special customized truck according to the characteristics of the user industry transportation and the characteristics of the transportation medium. In the process of transportation, SAIC Hongyan needs to be a reserve of accessories or technology.


In the next step, SAIC Hongyan in addition to the cold chain in the custom field, dangerous goods transportation is also the main direction of its short-term, Blue said that there are also large customers in contact, one of the customer business is to deal with the waste after the explosion. In addition, the transportation of more than 200 tons of products such as generator sets, SAIC Hongyan is also involved, the horsepower requirements of such large-size transportation vehicles are generally between 520-680. When I heard the reporter here, I couldn't help but have some doubts: "Is this kind of vehicle generally not going to go much?", while the blue answer is brief enough but powerful enough: "SAIC Hongyan customized products are not based on volume, mainly It is the extension and promotion of the brand, and in terms of product reserves, SAIC Hongyan is well prepared.".

Customization is the direction of SAIC Hongyan. Whether it is product customization, financial customization or service customization, not only customization, but also high-end customization.

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