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Saic-Iveco Hongyan And Qingling Exhibited New Truck In Smart China Expo

During August 23rd to 25th, the first International Smart China Expo was held in Chongqing. SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd and Qingling Motors (Group) Co., Ltd are exhibited three new smart truck products. .


SAIC Hongyan exhibited the Internet Dream Truck, the intelligent integrated hazardous chemicals tractor, and the intelligent networked 6X6 large-size transport vehicle.

1. The Internet Dream Truck is an upgraded version of the Internet truck launched by SAIC Hongyan. This model is not simply equipped with a vehicle-mounted intelligent system. Instead, it uses the mature heavy-duty truck technology and advanced Internet technology to integrate the seven intelligent devices. Function, to create a truly personalized mobile smart space for the driver; in terms of power, the truck is equipped with the classic Cursor 13L engine matched by Iveco racing, perfectly matched with Fiat Drive Bridge and Fast Transmission, bringing up to 560p horsepower The output is effective and fuel economy, making it easy to handle the needs of various working conditions.


2, China first smart tanker truck integrated hazardous chemicals tractor, developed by SAIC Hongyan. In addition to the original cab backshift technology, steering wheel explosion-proof device, front exhaust, engine in-cylinder brake, hydraulic retarder, disc brake and other rich safety configuration, also added LDWS lane departure warning, AEBS Automatic emergency braking, EBS electronic braking system, ESP electronic stability system, ACC adaptive cruise system, tire pressure monitoring and other active safety equipment, actively in danger of invisible. In addition, SAIC Hongyan has adopted the integrated design of main and trailers for the first time in China, achieving comprehensive and unified technical standards and supply systems for the entire vehicle, and improving the safety performance of the vehicle in all aspects.


3, Intelligent network 6×6 transport vehicle is a new creation of SAIC Hongyan for the fast-growing heavy-duty transportation market. This model matches the Internet Dream Truck's seven major network innovations and uses 6×6 drive.


Qingling Motors (Group) Co., Ltd displayed the TAGA smart truck, the UAV flight control car, and the EV100 pure electric refrigerated truck.

1, TAGA smart truck: vehicle integrated vehicle network intelligent control system, GPS / BD dual-mode positioning, solar-assisted power supply system and intelligent lighting, intelligent music and other intelligent environmental equipment, with real-time remote control, intelligent voice control, solar-assisted power supply and The internal variable space function is suitable for self-driving tour, RV travel, camping trip and other needs, and provides a “driving family” for those who like to travel.


2, TAGA UAV flight control car: The vehicle adopts four-wheel drive all-terrain off-road chassis, using the intelligent connection technology of the machine and the car, with the drone's take-off and landing, flight operation control, storage, maintenance, fuel supply and other functions, Widely used in rescue command, geological exploration, border patrol and other fields.


3, EV100 pure electric refrigerated truck: The vehicle adopts lightweight and high-strength pure electric special chassis, integrated with intelligent control system such as vehicle intelligent terminal, intelligent variable frequency temperature control, solar auxiliary power supply, and active safety control. It has wisdom, energy saving and environmental protection. Safe cargo cold storage and transportation functions are mainly used for cold chain transportation of urban food, medicine and so on.


SAIC Hongyan is the first heavy-duty joint venture in China. Under the big wave of the Internet, the first enterprise in the industry to transform into intelligence. Based on the strong background of SAIC and IVECO, SAIC Hongyan has created a number of intelligent networked “first” models in the industry, ranking the first in the industry for 19 consecutive months. Qingling Motors (Group) Co., Ltd., as a large local automobile company in Chongqing, relies on the background of Japan Isuzu, and it is also very exciting.

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