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'The Most IN Of The Year'! XCMG's Global Brand Marketing Has Won The Award Again!

The "ConnectIn 2019" marketing summit, the world's largest workplace social platform, was held in Dali, yunnan, in early November 2018.


From Microsoft, IBM, huawei, XCMG, SAP, schneider and other companies of more than 200 leading global executives, participation, head of the HR and marketing business, to explore how to enhance the international fame in the era of big data and awareness, activating endogenous innovation, brand remodeling business competitiveness, and to share the success of brand marketing practice case, for the Chinese brands abroad, overseas brand marketing to provide valuable reference.


At the meeting, XCMG won the "most in overseas communication award of 2018".As one of the three listed companies (the other two listed are alibaba and China net), xugong stands out from hundreds of participating companies by virtue of its "effective overseas brand construction and global integration and communication with The Times".


XCMG is one of the earliest construction machinery enterprises in China to set eyes on the world and "go out".Xugong since 2015 global social media marketing network system layout, so far has been established by Facebook as the main body, including Twitter, LinkedIn, sets, YouTube, five global social media platform system, harvest more than 856000 fans in the world, not only in China construction machinery industry, is ahead and also ranks high in the global industry.


With the expansion of overseas social media communication volume, XCMG has increased its brand awareness in the global scope, especially along the "One Belt And One Road" market, and the fan proportion of "One Belt And One Road" countries and high-end European and American market countries has increased significantly.


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