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XCMG Excavator XE80 Make New Contributions

Tian Qinhu, he contacted the engineering construction industry when he graduated. In 2011, he bought his own excavator XE80. In the past 7 years, the practicality of this Xugong excavator far exceeded expectations. Repairing Bridges, paving roads, digging ditches, demolishing houses and even digging rocks from the hills, all above is not a problem for the XCMG Eexcavator XE80, has brought considerable profits to Tian Qinhu.


"This machine has been with me for 7 years, and what makes me feel the deepest is its speed and efficiency."


“In 2015, in the construction of the scenic spot of Yan'an Red Base, the pit of the pole was dug in the scenic spot of Yan'an, 3000 RMB per pit. Working with me is another domestic brand excavator, the same pit, I Dig six pit every two days, he only dug four and a half in two days.


"In the project of Xiyan Expressway, Tian Qinhu's Xugong XE80 installed a breaker, which is mainly responsible for the crushing work during the road construction. This time it competed with it as a foreign-branded excavator。  Work 10 hours a day, I can break 600 squares a day, he only broke 300 squares a day, I do double. 11.5 RMB per square , I earned 3,000 RMB more than him. Now Xugong has been updated to the D series. The latest model is definitely better than the one in my hand. When I finish the project, I plan to change the latest version of XCMG.


Tian Qinhu and Xugong XE80 are fighting alongside each other and will continue to make new contributions to the development of this land.

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