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XCMG LW700KN Clamp Loader Won A Large Order In Africa

In October, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co.,ltd(XCMG) LW700KN clamp loader won a large overseas single. The order is a continuous bulk purchase of countries along the “Belt and Road” to reinforce XCMG's position in the global high-end wood market. XCMG work is the leader in China's loader industry. Since the first batch of XCMG large tonnage clamp loaders landed in the African market in 2014, its popularity and reputation have been rising.


In recent years, the reliability, economy, comfort, efficiency, maintenance convenience and adaptability of XCMG equipment have been comprehensively improved. The performance indicators are at the leading level in the industry. In the international market, the first-line brands in the world compete with each other. The solution has been highly recognized by high-end customers, and its market share has been rising year after year.


The average diameter of logs in this area is 1.2m, the length is 20m, and the weight is about 13 tons. Due to the uneven loading and unloading, the loader is overloaded and eccentric for a long time. XCMG has devoted himself to researching large-tonnage clamp technology, heavy-duty design, in-depth understanding of customer habits, increasing product adaptability research input, and helping users achieve success through timely and effective spare parts supply and “nanny-style” services.


The XCMG loaders assist me to deliver logs to my customers as quickly as they want, and my customers are very impressed with our efficiency, which can bring me more customers and profits. XCMG really brought me success Crewe said from Africa.

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