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XCMG Three-arm Drilling Rig Assist The World's Longest Water Transfer Tunnel Construction

In late October, the desert in northern Xinjiang Province has been covered by snow. The XCMG three-arm rock drilling rig, which participated in the construction of the second-phase water supply project in Xinjiang Province, successfully arrived and assisted the tunnel construction of the project.


(Construction Startup Ceremony of Shangxi Water Works Bureau Project Department)

Xinjiang Province is located in the hinterland of the Eurasian continent. Due to the obstacles of the mountains, the warm and humid air currents of the ocean are not easy to enter, forming a typical temperate continental climate. The annual average precipitation is only about 150 mm. Under the combined effect of various factors, the precipitation varies greatly in various regions of Xinjiang, resulting in uneven distribution of water resources. Solving the problem of water shortage has become the top priority of the development of the region. Therefore, many large-scale people's livelihood water conservancy projects have emerged in Xinjiang.6c5c54d3843c40c688825c685ae33f1f

(XCMG theree-arm drilling rig)

The Kashuang tunnel involved in the construction is located in the northeastern part of the Junggar Basin, on the northeastern edge of the Gurbantunggut Desert, with a total length of 283.39 km. It is the world's longest water transfer tunnel currently under construction. According to the construction sub-planning and construction plan, the Ka-Shuang tunnel includes the TBM excavation section and the drilling and blasting method excavation section. After many investigations, the Shanxi Hydraulics Project Department finally selected the XCMG three-arm drilling rig to undertake the drilling and blasting method. Excavation of the construction of the tunnel section.

The geological conditions of the Gobi desert are complex and the climatic conditions are extremely harsh, which makes the construction difficulty, engineering risk and investment cost double. In order to realize the mechanized construction of large-section tunnels, XCMG Iron and Steel sent a technical team to pass the field test for the main construction problems such as the stability control of the face, the optimization of support structure parameters, the mechanized construction method and the selection of construction process parameters. Data research, theoretical analysis and other means, propose a series of professional and effective complete sets of solutions, and provide full-service nanny-style services to ensure the steady progress of the project.


(XCMG drilling rock machine enters the entrance of the Ka-double tunnel)

After the project is completed, it will provide water for about 200 million people. The ecological environment in the basin will be significantly improved simultaneously. The ancient Gobi desert will become a granary outside the granary and the western garden, which will help Xinjiang to give full play to its location advantage. “One Belt and One Road” contributes to an important business logistics and science and education cultural center, which drives the western economy to flourish.

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