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  • 700P 4x2 Refrigerator Truck

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    700P 4x2 Refrigerator Truck

    4-ton front axle, 7-ton rear axle, car length 7 m, Volume 27 m³, light weight vehicles, carrying capacity, more cargo, achieving more revenue-generatingRead More

  • ISUZU Double Row Pickup Truck

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    ISUZU Double Row Pickup Truck

    ISUZU double row pickup truck, manufactured by Qingliang-joint venture in China, Japan technology, long history experience.Read More

  • Light Duty Pickup Truck

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    Light Duty Pickup Truck

    Isuzu Qingling light duty pickup truck is joint venture manufacture made in China, Japan Isuzu technology, 4x2 4x4 pickup.Read More


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    ISUZU 4WD NEW PICKUP, TAGA, 4KH1CT5H1 diesel engine, 3.0L displacement, 98KW power, 280n.m torque, with 5 gear manual gearbox, DPF+DOC is adopted and no urea is needed, the reliable electronic ABS+EBD and large brake disc are adopted to guarantee the stable and safe driving.Read More

  • Isuzu Diesel Pickup Truck

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    Isuzu Diesel Pickup Truck

    Isuzu diesel pickup truck, TAGA have 5 models with different parameters, all use 4KH1CT5H1 diesel engine, 3.0T, with 5 gear manual gearbox, looks tough.Read More

  • 8.5 Meter Electric Bus

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    8.5 Meter Electric Bus

    Ankai bus is National Electric Bus Engineering Technical Research Center in China, with mature technology.Read More

  • Powerful Street Sweeper Truck

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    Powerful Street Sweeper Truck

    Hongyan street sweeper is suitable for cleaning of various climates and dry roads. Saic-Iveco Hongyan chassis is synchronized Europ Iveco technology.Read More

  • Bulk Powder Tank Truck

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    Bulk Powder Tank Truck

    SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN Commercial Vehicle Company is able to produce various kinds of special heavy duty trucks to suit customers' specific needs.These products are widely used in the construction, chemical, transportation, energy, and other industries.Read More

  • 3 Axles City Bus

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    3 Axles City Bus

    Recommend Ankai brand 3 axles city bus, with safety monocoque chassis, 13.7 meter, customization 42+1 seats or 46+1 seats city bus, luxury interior trim optional.Read More

  • RZ Boom Concrete Pump

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    RZ Boom Concrete Pump

    The placing height of the HB56 concrete pump could reach 55.7m. The optimized 5-section RZ type boom and articulated mechanism feature larger working space, more flexible controlling and longer service life. The adopted Volvo FM440 104R B five-axle chassis features...Read More

  • 52m Concrete Pump Truck

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    52m Concrete Pump Truck

    HB52 concrete pump is the medium size of XCMG machine, and widely applied in high buildings and large foundation equipments of bridge, power plant, steel plant, water treatment plant. The machine features environmental care, safety, reliability and advanced.Read More

  • Concrete Pump Truck

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    Concrete Pump Truck

    XCMG HB48-B-C-D Concrete Pump Truck is a modern construction equipment used for continuous concrete pouring construction. It is widely used in large-scale infrastructure equipment and high-rise buildings such as bridges, power plants, steel plants and water treatment plants....Read More

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